Emily Affolter

Emily Affolter
Title: ISSC Fellow
Email: emily.affolter@gmail.com

Emily Affolter’s passion for international travel and exploration was born at 11 years old, when she and her family had the opportunity to sail around the world on Semester at Sea.  She graduated from Scripps’ College in Claremont, CA with degrees in Hispanic Studies and Humanities. During her junior year abroad, Emily worked with a progressive women’s organization and taught English in a local prison in Estelí, Nicaragua.  She returned to Estelí to carry out ethnographies for her thesis on Feminism in Post-Revolutionary Nicaragua. Since college, Emily has both worked for Crooked Trails’ Yachaqui Wayi center in Northern Peru, and guided in Cusco.  Emily continued on to teach Spanish to 1st-8th graders in Seattle for five years. After that, she pursued and completed her M.A. from Prescott College in Multicultural Education. During her time in Prescott, she worked with the Institute for Sustainable Social Change to collaborate in orchestrating the Global Engagement Speaker Series. In addition, she taught Spanish to undergraduates at Prescott, with myriad field activities at both plaza comunitaria and La Tierra Elementary. Her graduate level thesis discussed her learnings as a Fulbright-Hays grantee in both Mexico and Colombia. Emily is currently living in Seattle, WA, pursuing her doctorate in Multicultural Education at the University of Washington. Her assistantship involves teaching, planning, and researching the E.C.E.A.P program, a federally funded child development program for low-income children and families.

Emily taught last spring for Antioch College’s M.A. in teaching program, and last summer, worked as the TEDx Coordinator and Residential Director on Semester at Sea through the University of Virginia. In addition to working as a graduate student mentor in Prescott College’s Master of Arts program, she now teaches Spanish 102 & 103 as a T.A. to undergraduate students at the University of Washington. Regarding her scholarship, Emily is currently investigating how microaggressions can be addressed in classrooms seeking to expose unearned power differentials, as well as inquiring about the implementation of anti-bias curricula in early childhood classrooms.

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