Joshua Cubista

Josh CubistaJoshua is an international experiential designer, facilitator, and strategist. Sustainability, collaborative leadership, and systemic change figure prominently into his strategic action consulting and educational innovation practice. He is the author of Prototyping Our Future: Social Labs For A¬†Sustainable, Regenerative, & Thriving Future. Having worked in Canada, U.S.A, Europe, China, and Kazakhstan, including Eco-villages and Human Potential Education centers around the world, Joshua continues to explore and put into practice the highest leverage modalities for creating a thriving and regenerative future. Joshua holds a MSc. in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability from BTH in Sweden, a B.A. in Sustainable Community Development and Integral Psychology from Prescott College, and is a Global Sustainability Fellow with The Sustainability Laboratory NYC and Earth University in Costa Rica, and with the Institute For Sustainable Social Change at Prescott College. Drawing upon a background in fields such as Experiential Design and Facilitation, Strategic Action, Sustainability, Leadership Development, Behavior Physiology, Linguistics, Wilderness Emersion, Permaculture, and Systems thinking, Joshua‘s aim is to facilitate experiences dedicated to the highest possible purpose individuals, communities, and organizations can imagine and ¬†fulfill.

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