ISSC Programs

Arizona Serve

Our communities are safer, healthier and more prosperous when we work together. Through service and volunteerism, Arizona Serve connects passionate people to opportunities to make a difference in their community. Arizona Serve is a collaborative AmeriCorps VISTA initiative supported by the communities of Yavapai County and Pima County through Prescott College. Today, with 29 VISTA members serving over the course of the year, the project is helping to support the work of a large network of service providers and community groups.The VISTAs within Arizona Serve do groundbreaking and influential work at non-profits throughout Arizona to build organizational capacity and combat poverty. VISTA members perform a variety of tasks from volunteer management, to donor development, and program design.

The Compleat Activist

The Compleat Activist is an experiential program created to help students at Prescott College and elsewhere become effective and self-fulfilled activists. Workshops and training opportunities include a variety of topics ranging from civic leadership to community organizing. Topics prepare participants to effectively meet real world challenges and collaborate with organizations whose assistance and support is vital to activist success.

Plaza Comunitaria

Plaza Comunitaria facilitates pathways to education for students with limited English proficiency whose native language is Spanish. Plaza students earn K-12 credentials using the Educational Model for Life and Work and Ceneval graduation equivalency certification. This program is made possible by a collaboration between The Institute for Sustainable Social Change at Prescott College, Americorps, Sacred Heart Parish of Prescott, and the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix.

The ISSC Fellows program

The Fellow’s program allows outstanding individuals working in areas consistent with the mission of ISSC to become affiliated with the Institute and the network of resources available through our combined efforts. Strategic alliances are one of the most important ingredients necessary for successful project development and implementation. The Fellow’s program seeks to provide a gathering place for outstanding individuals to come together for mutual support. Fellows are expected to identify themselves as being part of the ISSC. They are to be available for consultation and referral for others connected with the Institute. A Fellow is encouraged to use the resources of the Institute to help in identifying, writing, administering, and evaluating projects.

ISSC also provides research and internship coordination in the sustainability and social justice fields.

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